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The Fruit of the Spirit (A014)

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Fruit of the Spirit Fruit of the Spirit
The fruit of the Spirit from Galatians chapter 5.

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The Bible calls this the "fruit" of the Holy Spirit.  It is not "fruits" (plural), but fruit that results from our proper relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Do you want to have more love for mankind?  Do you want to show and know a true Joy that can only come from God?  Do you long for personal and spiritual peace?  Are you able to bear burdens and trials, with patience and long-suffering?  Would you like to be more gentle, good, kind?  Do you want a deeper faith in God, Christ and the Holy Spirit and the promises they give in the Bible?   Are you willing to demonstrate a true humbleness, meekness and self control or temperance?  Meekness and humbleness is having the power God has given you under control... just as a mighty horse submits his control to his master...a Christian submits himself to God's direction and control.

This bookmark helps deepen your understanding of the fruit of the Spirit in a Christian's life.

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